White Sparkle - WS001

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White Sparkle - WS001

This is a must have for some of our anglers. Designed by an avid angler this is the go-to lure for all types of water conditions.

The White Sparkle head gives a nice flash under clear conditions. Add the skirt design and you have a great clear water lure.

The blade design gives it a unique dual purpose. A nice 4.5 Willow Nickle main blade followed by a 3.5 Colorado Nickle secondary blade. This allows for the lure to make a thump when needed in dark water.


22 strands of Bright Green Chartreuse Silver Chrome Fish Scale

44 strands of clear silicone with green glimmer and black pepper “Green Ghost”


Standard features:

Swivel – Ball Bearing

Premium blades

Bait Keeper

Mustad Ultra Point Hook

3-D Molded Eyes