Pro Staff Application


greygoatlures is an American made company that has been looking to make waves in the fishing industry! With anglers all over the United States we are looking to expand our casting range by recruiting people to our prostaff team. Whether you are fishing ponds, streams, rivers, or even lakes we would like to have you!

Prostaff Requirements
-As a member of the prostaff team we will ask that you share our post to your social media accounts while also including a link to the website .
-We will also want you to join our facebook group page to work with other prostaff members and get insight on our products to help further promote.
-We would love for you to tag us in your catches while using our lures using the hashtag #greygoatlures This will also help further you along in our tier reward program which is still in the works!
-Before applying to join our prostaff we will have liked for you to have made a purchase from greygoatlures. Then show case it on your social media page while tagging us in it.

-We ask that sharing, posting and other forms of social media presence be done on a regular basis. Atleast 1 post per month.

Prostaff Perks-
-Once you have spent 25$ on and then Advertised your purchase on your social media accounts you will be entered into our prostaff discount program!
-Our Tiered program is as follows- Tier 4 is 20%, Tier 3 is 30%, Tier 2 is 40% then Tier 1 is 50% when it comes to your personal discount. As you rank up in our program you get better rewards and not only do you get a better discount code for yourself but so does everyone who uses your own personal code!
-Posting to social media, attending our Tuesday night live events and working future bass shows will contribute to your points furthering you along in our tiered program.

Pro Staff Tiered System 


Pro Staff 4

Pro Staff 3

Pro Staff 2

Pro Staff 1
















Sales Staff





Jersey 1





 Jersey 2







Pro Staff 4 *$50. $25 initial purchase, plus $25 in first 6 months

Pro Staff 3 – 2 – 1, in purchases per year


Based on sales from our web site for spinnerbaits ONLY. All other products, buzz baits, bladed jigs….. 25% discount.


1. Sharing a FB/Instagram post = 5 points

2. Watching our LIVE! FB show = 5 points

3. Being part of or LIVE! FB show = 10 points

4. Attending a trade show = 25 points (per day)

5. Participating in a sanctioned event = 10 points

6. Sharing Pictures and tournament information on FB/Instagram = 10 points


Jersey 1 - We will pay the amount shown towards your jersey, only through Wicked flats.

You may add other logos, but our logo MUST stay as is.

Jersey 2 - We will pay the amount shown towards any jersey you purchase

through another vendor with our logo on it.