National Slot Series

Our Slot Series will be as follows:

4 fish up to 18"

1 fish up to 20"

Big fish can be submitted through TourneyX and will be kept separate from the overall catch. 

Catch, Photo, Release as per KBF Standards

Closed mouth and natural lay.

Acceptable measuring boards include the Hawg Trough manufactured by Hagen's, a FishStik Version 2 by YakGear (with bump board arrows and slide-locks), the aluminum Ketch Products Measuring Board, and the Ketch Karbonate measuring board.

In the event of a tie, times of pic submitted is the deciding factor.  

I will have auto cull enabled for our tournaments so there will be no need to manually cull your fish. It will do it for you.

 ALL times posted are for the Time Zone that you are in.

This is   a Multi-Single day event. You pick the day you want to fish. Saturday, October 17th, or Sunday, October 18th.

Please use the Check-in feature on TourneyX when you are getting on the water and Check out when you are getting off the water so that we can make sure everyone is off the water safely.

We will run the event from 6 am to 3 pm on the day you chose, per your time zone. Time zones are EST, CST, MST, and PST. All submissions must be in by 5 pm on the day you fish.

This way everyone who participates has an equal chance to fish 8 hours.

We will honor KBF Identifiers with our code written on it, or you may use our Identifier. 

There will be a mandatory captain meeting on Friday night before the event. 8 pm on our Facebook page: greygoatlures.  The code will be released at 7 pm the night before the event.