National Slot Series

 2021 National Slot Series

Our Slot Series is as follows:
4 fish up to 18"
1 fish up to 20"
Big fish can be submitted through TourneyX and will be kept separate from the overall catch. 
Important Notes:
• Use the check-in/check-out feature on the TourneyX PRO app prior to launching and when leaving.
• All anglers must launch from a public launch area. No exceptions!
• Wear your PFD at all times. Any angler found not to be wearing a PFD during event hours will be disqualified.
Catch, Photo, Release as per KBF Standards.
Closed mouth and natural lay.
KBF Approved measuring device must be used.
In the event of a tie, the time of the picture submitted is the deciding factor.  
I will have auto cull enabled for our tournaments so there will be no need to manually cull your fish. It will do it for you.
This is a Multi-Single day event. You pick the day you want to fish. Saturday, or Sunday.
We will run the event from 6 am to 3 pm on the day you chose, per your time zone.  All submissions must be in by 6 pm on the day you fish.
We will honor KBF Identifiers with our code written on it, or you may use our Identifier. 
There will be a Virtual Captains Meeting available at 7 pm the Thursday before the event, you can follow this link to see the virtual meeting, and to get the identifier. Identifier codes WILL change for each event.
$36.50 entree fee breakdown:
Payouts are as follows subtracting: Tourney-X® fees ($5.00), Pay-Pal Fees ($1.50)

1 to 5 Anglers
1st place - 100%

6 to 13 Anglers
1st Place - 60 percent
2nd Place - 40 percent

14 to 25 Anglers
1st Place - 50 percent
2nd Place - 30 percent
3rd Place - 20 percent

26+ Anglers
1st Place - 45 percent
2nd Place - 25 percent
3rd Place - 15 percent
4th Place - 10 percent
5th Place - 5 percent

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