2020 Kayak Series

WELCOME to the 2020 greygoatlures Kayak Tournament Series.
Through this series we hope to bring the Kayaking community a national series with Big payouts, recognition and more.
 We will use these 8 events here in 2020 to help promote the sport, and its participants.
 We plan to hold a LIVE weight in show for each of our 2020 events. These shows will be held at a different venue for each event. If any anglers are using a ramp local to the show, we will come out and do the launch live and tape some interviews for use on the show later that day.
 At the location for the live show we will have the tourneyX leaderboard playing all day. We will do several taped segments, and then at 6:30 PM (EST) we will go LIVE on our Facebook page and do a 90-minute live show, ending with a LIVE interview with the winner (if available). 
 Not a member of TourneyX?  Followmthis link to join and be eligable to fish our events.
The dates for our 2020 series are as follows:
ALL tournaments will run under KBF Rules in place at time of event.
The IDENTIFIER CARD will be available for download the night before the tournament and is available through your TourneyX Dashboard. 7pm, EST
The 2019 KBF IDENTIFIER CARD is also acceptable and can be downloaded here. KBF MEMBERSHIP is NOT REQUIRED to fish our tournaments.
 If using another Identifier Card, all you need is to use the code from our card. 3 letters/3 numbers.