Chad Schmidt

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Chad Schmidt 

The 2018 fishing season was a blast to say the least. I fished 16 tournaments and managed 3 wins; (3) 2nd – place finishes; several top 5 finishes; and took home the check for Big Bass in 5 of those tournaments. I won AOY in the Twin Rivers Bass Club. I also caught 3 new personal bests with an 8 lb. 7oz. Large Mouth (fun fishing), 3lb 9 oz. Spotted Bass (during practice), and a 3lb 12 oz. Small Mouth (during tournament). I am looking forward to the 2019 season as I plan to take on the next level of tournament fishing. 

Here is my "PRO" Staff Six Pack Selection:

Silver Shad (SS005) - We changed the blades to fit our location. The main blade changed to a #5 Willow Nickle Smooth and the secondary blade changed to a #3.5 Willow Brass Smooth.

Hot chartreuse (HC007) – We used a #5 Brass Willow Smooth for the main blade, and a #3.5 Colorado Brass Smooth for the secondary.

Gold Shad (GS001) - #5 Willow Nickle Smooth tops this lure with 2 choices for the secondary, a #4 Brass Willow Smooth, or a #3.5 Brass Willow Smooth. Either way, this is a great lure.

White sparkle (WS002) - #4 Willow White Painted, and a #3 Colorado White Painted.

Silver Shad (SS001) - #4.5 Willow Nickle Smooth, with a #3.5 Colorado Nickle Smooth secondary.

And the BEST one of all

Rainbow Trout (RT004) – Main blade a #4.5 Willow Nickle Smooth, followed by a #3.5 Willow Nickle Smooth secondary.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review