Rainbow Trout Series

Rainbow Trout Series

Our Standard Features include:

American Made:

Ball Bearing Swivels featuring polished, stainless steel ball bearings for a smooth spinning action.

Spinner Blades that have been refined and fine-tuned to perfection.

American Made Lure Bodies Featuring:

Bait Keeper

Mustad Ultra Point Hook

3-D Molded Eyes

Custom Glitter Coat Finish


  • Rainbow Trout Series - RT004

    Rainbow Trout Series - RT004

    Rainbow Trout Series Skirting – Pro Tie Another great lure featuring our "PRO" Tie Rainbow Trout Skirt Blading – Our American made Spinner Blades represent the highest standard in the industry. Standard Blades - A #4.5 Nickel - Smooth -...

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